The CorePoint has been implementing, testing, and tracking results for its products, processes, and tools - specifically related to time-deposits - in financial institutions across the country for 20+ years.

The CEO and Founder, Neil Stanley, obtained patents for his processes and created the CoreCD® system for retail banking. Mr. Stanley speaks across the country and publishes content for business journals, financial resources, banking schools, industry blogs, etc. with his central focus on the topic of time-deposits.

The CoreCD® toolkit includes both defensive (cost savings) tools and offensive (growth) strategies that are designed to benefit both the depositor and the institution.


What is CoreCD®?

A simple full-scope certificate pricing and sales platform including:

For the Frontline:

  • Web tool for calculating certificate options in dollars
  • Sales software and tools for reviewing options with depositors in-branch and over the phone
  • Comprehensive on-site training
  • Flexible options for CD customers that provide value in addition to the stated CD rate
  • Exception handling capacity through guided process
  • CD Refinance calculator
  • Right sizing penalties

For Management:

  • Monthly performance reporting and ALCO consultations
  • Training
  • No IT project required
  • Tools and proven strategies for running promotions, industry benchmarking, managing interest expense, tracking and measuring success, monitoring retail staff success
  • Tools and strategies for managing properly priced certificates

For the Depositor:

  • Robust certificate options for long-term savers
  • Professional service from a knowledgeable frontline
  • Consistency across the organization
  • Tailored certificates customized to fit the depositors’ needs


Articles & Publications

The CorePoint processes and strategies have been published in many articles and publications over the past decade. Notable publishers include The Financial Brand, BAI Banking Strategies, Banking Exchange Journal, Financial Managers Society (FMS), the ABA Banking Journal, and many others. Our industry knowledge and expertise play a huge role in the overall financial health and success of our clients. We are seen as the retail time deposit subject matter experts and regularly consult on other related banking topics.


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